When you register at MacEwan on Tuesday afternoon July 31st , between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., you will receive the program booklet in your package with. It will give details of the 20 presentations and workshops from which you can choose. There are too many to summarize here. They start the next morning, so you have time to make decisions.

There are only six tours from which to choose, and that must be done when you register. These will be filled on a first-come first-served signup so here is a description of them:

Wednesday Afternoon, August 1st:

U of A Botanical Garden – guided tram tour of the garden’s Collections exhibit, which includes the Alpine, and Indigenous medicinal garden. It will also feature a tour of the newly opened Aga Khan Islamic Garden. It is:

“A modern interpretation of historic Islamic landscape architecture, designed for the Edmonton region’s climate and topography, the Aga Khan Garden is the northernmost Islamic garden in the world. The garden is a space for connection, enjoyment, contemplation and education, where cultural understanding can flourish.”

“Church Street” – Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhood in the heart of downtown has an area known as Church Street, mentioned by Ripley’s Believe it Or Not, because of the number of houses of worship built on a 20 – year span at the turn of the last century. We will learn how the waves of immigration affected the community and the history and significance of each building. There will be six stops:

  • a Chinese Mahayana Buddhist Temple;
  • a Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral famous for its icons and frescoes;
  • a Danish Lutheran Church;
  • Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples which after 100 + years of use by different denominations has evolved to meet Indigenous needs;
  • the Rhema Chapel;
  • the Mustard Seed which houses a non-profit society supporting inner city residents.

There will be a bus there and back, only a few blocks of walking.

River Valley – this section of the North Saskatchewan River has been an Indigenous meeting place for at least 10,000 years. The guided walk will teach the way in which the history of the city intersects with that of those who first dwelled here.

Transit there and back, and requires maximum mobility up and down the river bank.

Thursday Afternoon August 2nd.

South Edmonton – there are many houses of worship, tour includes the Sai Baba Centre, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jaamat, Bhartiya Hindu Cultural Centre and will finish at the Ramgarhia Gursikh Gurdwara where a vegetarian dinner will be served.

There will be a bus there and back, no walking.

Sweat lodge – a unique opportunity to experience a major Indigenous ceremony followed by a feast. Women will be provided with gowns, men must wear shorts (no Speedos please 😊).

There will bus there and back and it will be very hot inside the lodge.

University of Alberta – includes the Guru Nanak Healing Garden, two 100 + year old Christian Colleges, two multifaith prayer spaces and several beautiful water features as you stroll the lovely campus. Transit there and back with a lot of walking on site.