Workshops/Sessions: August 1

Lana Gets her Talk
Beth Wishart Mackenzie
This 37 minute film follows the artist Lana Whiskeyjack’s journey of discovery and healing and invites participants along on a journey of self-discovery as we confront our place or role in the dark chapter of the Canadian story (Indian Residential Schools), with a shared discovery of ways to heal the wounding. View the trailer here.

The Terror that lives in the Home: the Pivotal Role Faith Communities can play in Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence
Morag McLean
Since domestic violence knows no boundaries of colour, culture, class, race or religious belief, religious communities are in no way immune to the reality and tragedy of domestic violence. This worshop leads participants through steps to recognize, respond, refer and raise awareness of DV.

Rwanda: My Spiritual Journey
Emmanuel Gatera
Via this paper, the presenter shares his journey through trauma in his home country and the journey taken towards a deeper spirituality.

New Shared Sites of Pilgrimage for our Multi-Cultural Society/Communities
Yasmin Merchant and Ehud Ben Zvi
This paper presents an argument for new sacred sites of pilgrimage that can be shared across groups of diverse backgrounds.

Croagh Patrick’s Interfaith Pilgrims
Melissa Coles
Explore the stories of contemporary, interreligious pilgrims to Croagh Patrick and the opportunities on pilgrimage and at pilgrimage sites for inter- and intra-faith dialogue.

Multifaith Chaplaincy in Policing
Imran Ally
The presenter will describe a) aims and objectives of the multifaith chaplaincy in Toronto area and b) services offered by the MF chaplaincy.

Chaplaincy and Celebrating our Faiths in Edmonton
John Dowds
Edmonton’s City Chaplain describes how and why his position works and describes a long-standing collaboration between the City and the Edmonton Interfaith Centre.

Caring for the Muslim Soul
Ibrahim Long
A Muslim interfaith chaplain will lead workshop participants in a general overview of beliefs, practices and diversity of Muslims in North America and share professionally-recommended approaches to support the well-being of Muslims you may serve and interact with.

The Role of Church Leadership in Urban Communities
Dr Carletta Griffin

A review of the role of African American Church leaders in Detroit serving the emotional, spiritual, economic and social challenges in their communities

Hopeful Dissonance: The Pilgrimage of Spiritual Activism by Indigenous Women and Muslim Feminists
Brenda Anderson
This paper compares the themes of lived gender, lived citizenship and lived religion as expressed through the Indigenous, women-led Idle No More movement and Canadian Muslim feminist responses to Islamophobia.

Journey Towards Sexual Ethics in North American Islam
Maysa Haque
Explore the “exciting but often daunting possibility of embarking on a journey to construct a version of Islam that allows” practitioners “to have lives and relationships that are both true to themselves and sanctioned by God.” Learn about navigating generational shifts, assimilating into North American society and constructing and living gender and sexual ethics.

A Journey towards understanding the “Other”: the Christian-Muslim dialogue experience in Edmonton
Donna Entz and Shiraz Kanji
To demonstrate Christian Muslim Dialogue, this workshop will describe the background journey, and then hold a mini dialogue.Two speakers (one of each faith) will focus on the topic of pilgrimage, after which participants will engage with each other. Time will be allowed for final processing.

The Spirited Arts Movement: Artistic Contemplative Practice
Rev. Karen Bridges and Laura David Foster 
Art is the common language between the secular and sacred worlds and is the bridge that can bring people together. Participants will engage in individual artistic contemplative practice exploring the theme and then have opportunity to share what they have created and discovered.

Capital Region Housing
Mike Van Boon and Rabbanit Batya Friedman
This panel of local faith leaders will lead conversation about the importance and ability of faith communities to give voice to the needs of people who are marginalized and living in poverty.

Canada’s Diverse Faith Story: Explore Canada’s history and faith diversity.
Maigan van der Giessen (John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights)