Workshops/Sessions: August 2

Pilgrim’s Journey to the Infinite: Experiences in Meditation
Prem Kalia
Participants in this workshop will explore meditation experiences from five traditions: relaxation exercise, Buddhist mindfulness (Vipannana), Metta (loving-kindness) meditation, Sufi and Christian contemplative prayers, and a contemporary meditation from Heart Math Institute in order to experience universality of humanity and mystical illumination.

Kaleidoscope Project: An Interreligious Journey
Seth Erais & Elyse Brazel
Learn about a unique program on the University of Calgary campus and then engage with fellow participants in development of practical skills via a case study related to religion in the public sphere.

Climate Justice as an Interfaith Connection Point
Randy Haluza-Delay and Bodhi Sakyadhita
Understanding climate change to be a “site” of interfaith collaboration, this workshop will explore climate change and our responses from multiple levels: from what individuals can do to model hope and practical action to collective action and governmental efforts.

Interfaith collaboration for resettlement of Syrian Refugees
Suzanne Gross
This panel will bring the voices of Muslims, Mennonites and agency expertise together to explore components and experiences of the journey we are taking together to bring and resettle Syrian refugees in Edmonton.

Some Reflections on Muslim Pilgrimage
Iman Elsayed Amin
This presentation on Muslim pilgrimage will focus on “melting pot” aspects of pilgrimage followed by 5-person panel discussing how “pilgrimage in its sacred nature opens up minds, souls and ears to the importance of diversity and inclusivity…”

Zoroastrian Odyssey
Firdosh Mehta
This presentation documents the remarkable journey from Persia to India that preserved the Zoroastrian faith following the Arab conquest of Iran.

The Making of the Canada 150 Video
Moses Kanhai
In this workshop, participants will see a 45-minute video and then learn about the processes and partnerships that came together to make this project possible.

Sacred Music
Jagjeet Bhardwaj & Zohra Husaini
This workshop will describe devotional music and its significance in human life and then invite participants to engage with samples of devotional music from Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim traditions.

From the Ashes: the story of the Phoenix Multifaith Society for Harmony
Larry Wright
Panelists will tell story of the Society’s genesis and share about ongoing work with the Edmonton Police (Hate and Bias Crimes Unit), Edmonton Public Schools (Diversity Awareness and annual Diversity Day) and published book (“Our Stories”).

UBUNTU: A Promising Paradigm for Interfaith Engagement
Barry Cooke
This paper describes and explores the power of Ubuntu – “I am me only because you are” – to facilitate communication and understanding in the face of differences and even profound alienation.

Indonesia’s Lost Tribes: The Complex Pilgrimage of Indonesia’s Emerging Jewish Communities
David Kunin
The presenter has worked with emerging local Indonesian communities on a homegrown pilgrimage of identity construction and reconfirmation, creating a vibrant, local and authentic Judaism.

The Transformative Journey of Friendship
J Shelton Nalley
This paper presents, in a comparative fashion, how interreligious friendship constitutes two simultaneous journeys into a single mystery from both a Christian (Catholic) and Muslim (Sufi) perspective.

Let’s Talk Israel and Palestine
Lynda Trono
Workshop participants will explore different strategies that might be helpful for engaging in interfaith conversation/dialogue about the conflict in Israel/Palestine.

Edmonton’s Experience of Reconciliation & Healing with Indigenous/Non-Indigenous Community
Rick Chapman, Michelle Nieviadomy, Evelyn Day, Kim Armstrong

Led by indigenous leaders, participants will gather within a sacred circle of celebration and healing, sharing pilgrimage reflections including personal stories along with facilitated discussion on the call to faith communities to meaningful engagement and response.

The Promise and Challenge of Multi-faith Theological Education in the Public University
Frederick Tappenden, David Goa and other panelists
How do we inhabit and honour the multi-cultural and multi-faith environment in which we live, and how can multi-faith education help us to take steps towards a greater appreciation of and engagement with our diversity?